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Welcome to Myland Parish Halls! Our tour will take you through the main entrance, around the reception area, into the Large Hall, the Small hall, the kitchen and upstairs to the Board Room. Feel free to ask questions on the way - by emailing us, of course!




The Entrance area spans the newest and oldest parts of the building, and is designed to encourage all users of the Halls to meet together, have a coffee, chat, and see what local organisations have on offer.



The entrance area is carpeted throughout with a heavy-duty carpet, which is safer in the wet than vinyl, and will also take up grit and other material, keeping the Halls themselves clean.








Straight ahead is the Reception desk. It is intended for use by staff, but could be made available as, say, a ticket office for a performance held in one of the Halls. There'll be a Visitors' Book by the desk, and all visitors are asked to sign in, so that there's a record of everyone in the Halls in case of a Fire alert.


The whole building is also covered by fire sensors; there are alarm points in key positions, and extinguishers are strategically situated in all areas.








The seating area is central and spacious, and ideal for chatting whilst waiting for a meeting to start, or for someone else to finish theirs!


Right next to the seating area is a Tea Point; feel free to make yourself a mug of tea or coffee whilst you're waiting - but don't forget to wash it up afterwards!










Obviously, the entrance area leads to all parts of the halls.


Here, as in many parts of the Halls, you'll see our logo: it's a simple geometric shape, in solid green, representing Myland's rural heritage, rounded to emphasise that the Halls are here for everyone; with three elements suggestive of the letter "m"; and with three figures representing the three ages we serve - children, adults and "third age".









We think the stairway is one of the entrance area's most attractive features. It's not as steep as most, enabling those who are less mobile to access the first floor.


the Ground Floor is fully accessible to all, with no steps to negotiate, and has male, female and disabled toilets - they're just off the picture, to the left.


Would you like to go up the stairs now, or into the Large or Small Hall?

You choose - click on the link near the top of the page.


email us







Myland Parish Halls are part of St. Michael's Church, Registered Charity no. 1130020

within the Church of England in the Diocese of Chelmsford.

We operate within the rules and policies set down by the Church of England:

all our policies can be viewed on the Church's website at

We are committed to Safeguarding children and young people and vulnerable adults.

The PCC has adopted the Church of Englandís policies and best practice on safeguarding

which may be found on the Church of Englandís website:

or on the Safeguarding pages of the Chelmsford Diocese:

Our Parish Safeguarding Officer is Mrs Sarah King, 07518 276706